MIA Prediction Tool for Developing a First Primary Invasive Melanoma


Use of the MIA First Primary Melanoma Risk Prediction Tool (‘Calculator’) is subject to the following:
  1. The Calculator has been developed by the Melanoma Institute Australia (‘MIA’), based on a published risk prediction model (see References).
  2. It has been designed for use by clinicians, to guide discussions with patients about sun protection habits and skin surveillance for melanoma, for those who have not had a previous primary melanoma. The Calculator does not replace the doctors' assessment or advice.
  3. The Calculator will generate a personal melanoma risk, which is an estimation of risk of developing a first primary invasive melanoma during the rest of the individual’s life. It is based on the best available information, but it must be understood that these risk prediction tools are the subject of ongoing research and will continue to be refined. The risks for each factor that was selected to calculate personal melanoma risk contain some uncertainty. This means that the person’s actual personal risk could be different from the calculated estimate. If their personal risk factors change after the estimate is done - for example, if they develop a new skin cancer or experience a change in family history, the personal risk estimate may also change.
  4. Any clinician who uses the Calculator agrees and acknowledges that:
    1. The Calculator is based on data from Australian residents and may not perform reliably in relation to other populations.
    2. The risk estimate generated by the Calculator should be interpreted by a clinician in relation to other risk factors and circumstances for the patient in question and should not be used as the sole basis for any clinical or treatment decisions.
    3. The information provided by the Calculator must only be used as a general guide.
    4. Neither MIA nor any of the individuals involved in or contributing to the development of the Calculator gives any warranties nor makes any representations regarding the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or usefulness of any melanoma risk estimate generated by the Calculator; and
    5. Neither MIA nor any of the individuals involved in or contributing to the development of the Calculator will have any liability to the clinician or any patient for the consequences of any clinical decision made - or any action or procedure taken or not taken - by the clinician or their patient after using the Calculator.
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