MIA Immunotherapy Outcomes Prediction Tool


Use of the MIA Immunotherapy* Outcomes Prediction Tool (‘Calculator’) is subject to the following:
  1. The Calculator has been developed by the Melanoma Institute Australia (‘MIA’), based on a published risk prediction model (see References).
  2. It has been designed for use by clinicians for patients with metastatic melanoma at the time of planning systemic immunotherapy treatment.
  3. Any clinician who uses the Calculator agrees and acknowledges that:
    1. The Calculator is based on the MIA and an American university patient database populations, and may not perform reliably in relation to other populations.
    2. The risk estimate generated by the Calculator must be interpreted in relation to its clinical significance for the patient in question.
    3. The information provided by the Calculator must only be used as a general guide.
    4. MIA gives no warranties, nor makes any representations to any clinician or patient regarding the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or usefulness of any estimate or risk range generated by the Calculator; and
    5. MIA will have no liability to the clinician or any patient for the consequences of any treatment decision made - or any action taken or not taken - by the clinician or their patient following use of the Calculator.
    *Immunotherapy treatment includes anti-PD1 monotherapy (pembrolizumab or nivolumab) or in combination with ipilimumab (IPI+PD1).
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